Saturday, July 12, 2014

Graduations, Birthdays, et al.

It's amazing how fast time goes for me lately.. I checked my last post (when I thought with conviction that I would adhere to regular updates) and noticed that it was in April! Sooo I guess I will just have to accept that the updates will be less regular than I intend. You have to get over it too, okay? And you have to accept that I'm just going to give you updates in pictures.

So let's get to the business! At the end of April/early May I went back to Michigan for a couple days to see Sarah graduate from the Wayne State University School of Social Work. 
 Sarah was in the very last row... of the last school to be called to walk.. -_-
 But we forgave her and went out to celebrate in true Conlon fashion
 Congratulations, Sarah - I'm so proud of you!

To decide (or remember more likely) what things to put in a blog post, I go back through the pictures on my computer so sometimes it is a bit random or un-themed.. but if you really want to know about my adventures, we have to talk about cooking. Because fresh spinach pasta.
 With garlicy, red peppery, cherry tomato reduction...
 A good candidate for tonight's dinner... Mmm

In May some of the ADVANCE fellows got together for some pizza and drinks which was really nice

In other news.. I have only lived here almost a year and finally made it out to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a super beautiful day, ripe for a good sunburn (which I got)

We had a great time..and now I have my bridge pictures okay? So stop asking for them!

In late May I came home one day to a rather unkempt looking package outside my door.. the type of packaging that could only come from one man.... My dad. And look at the amazinggggg picture that was inside!

 It's the stop that secured the MSU victory in the Rose Bowl - perhaps it's not increasing my friend base at Stanford, but it's pretty awesome swag. Thanks Dad :)

The next incredible thing that happened - in June my Leene came to visit me! It was a short and sweet visit, but it was so refreshing to catch up with my best friend

I'm sad I don't have more pictures from when she was here.. but rest assured, we had ourselves a good time <3

The pictures show me that the next big event was my birthdayyyy... I'm seriously an old granny now haha. But my friends sure know how to make an old lady feel special. They organized a surprise dinner full of friends, cake, and a beautiful Le Petit Prince silk scarf. I also received surprise flowers in lab from Joe, and surprise flowers & chocolate covered strawberries at home from mom.. I felt very loved!

I'm sure you may have heard some buzz about this world cup thing? Well I do enjoys me a good soccer game.. I may have even snuck out of lab a few times to watch some of the games ;) Of course I'm sad that the US is out, but we had a pretty good run and I am seriously enjoying all the Tim Howard jokes that have come out of it (i.e. Department of Defense). I will be watching the final tomorrow though I don't have any real investment in the teams. I was hoping for Netherlands in the final... but even those hopes were dashed!

Did I mention I'm the new social chair of the Stanford Bioscience Student Association (SBSA)? Well, I am... and I had my first event in June. I think it was a pretty successful happy hour.. but then who complains about free drinks and snacks? I'm organizing a BBQ for next Friday and I'm more nervous about that for sure.. it should be pretty fun though.

I also co-run the Biology Grad Student seminar.. we've had some great speakers. Jae did an awesome job in June!

On Tuesday Miriam took the shortest-trip-ever to California for work, and luckily I was able to see her in the ~19 hours she was in the state! We had dinner at this nice little bar in Berkeley. The food was seriously delicious.

We were right across the street from UC Berkeley's campus so we took a little tour after dinner

Berkeley is an interesting city.. between people collecting leaves (no I don't mean with a rake) and bongo players stretching, I was very entertained

So that's the whirlwind tour of the last couple months. Between lab and my other commitments, I am sooo busy it really makes the time fly. But it's nice to feel like I am accomplishing things!

The last note I have to make is .. Seamus is driving out here (as I write) to work as a certified flight instructor in Atwater, California. I'm so excited to have my bro so close, and so proud of him for getting the job and making such awesome progress in his life. Slowly we will get all the Conlon clan... :) To celebrate, here are a couple of pictures of me and my Seam!

The man does not forget his sunscreen at the beach

He looks pretty good in cardinal, no?

It seems fitting to post the picture of the last sibs gathering when we all still lived in Michigan - right before I started my drive to Cali - almost exactly 1 year ago!

Cheers to you, Seamy ol' boy. California will be so much better with you here <3

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