Thursday, December 19, 2013

Miriam's visit

So I am, as usual, woefully behind on updating. Since I am on break now it seems like a good time... So a couple weeks ago Miriam was in California for work and extended the trip over the weekend to visit with me. It was perfectly timed as it was the weekend right after the NSF was due so I was far more relaxed!

We went out in SF on Friday night and got some delicious food at Bocadillos, a very tasty Spanish restaurant.

Mmm such delicious mussels..

After that we went to the Elbo Room in the Mission for a couple drinks. We made it on the last BART back to Millbrae... though apparently we were on the wrong train somehow and couldn't get to the parking lot where my car was.. and actually had to take a taxi to get there as we couldn't figure out how to get out of the station hahaha.

The next day we went to visit the Redwoods at Portola Redwoods State Park and Miriam was able to experience the sheer terror of one-lane driving, endless turning, and carsickness that precedes seeing the trees. If your life hasn't been significantly endangered, it's simply not worth it.

Terror and carsickness hooray!

On the bright side, if you survive your journey to the redwoods, they are really magnificent to see.

 Unfortunately our journey was cut a little short as they took the bridge out here for the season

 The road on the way back had some really pretty views..
 Miriam taught me how to take a panorama

That night we went to the "Don't Take Parties for Granted Grant Party" and got our dance on.. everyone was so relieved to be done with the NSF! The next morning we made some nice bloody marys and enjoyed some pumpkin pancakes and chocolate croissants before taking Miriam to the airport. 

Welcome to beverage town

Overall it was a really fun weekend, so nice to catch up and have little adventures with my great friend. Thanks for visiting Miriam! <3

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